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Does this sound like you?

Are you going to every meeting, every sales call, and creating every proposal? Managing all the projects? Working a lot more and getting a lot less out at the end of the day?

When you’re trying to do everything on your own, you become the major bottleneck in your business. It’s exhausting. Eventually, you’ll drop the ball, decide it’s all too hard or, worse, lower your expectations and pricing.

You’re not alone. Most coaches and consultants do not have a repeatable system for getting new clients. On top of that, they are acquiring all their clients through manual labor.

They don’t have repeatable systems and procedures for getting and delivering to clients, so their “business” is simply based on the hours that they put into it.

But imagine...

Breaking away from the old paradigm of “time-for-money coaching” and building leverage in the business that gives you the freedom to buy a new car, travel to foreign places, or have a great time with the people you love…

The key to financial freedom and getting what you want is to build repeatable systems. Systems to get new clients, deliver to them, and generally how to operate the business.

The goal with putting your coaching on autopilot is to create a profitable machine that can run without you. This machine should generate new clients and deliver your service to them with minimal stress and involvement!

Sitting on Beach

We work hard so you don’t have to.

We build the systems and procedures to make your business work in this new paradigm.


  • 50 – 70 hours a week
  • Work customized to client’s needs
  • The business = you
  • No vacation
  • No systems, processes, automation
  • Unscalable, unsellable, unhappy


  • 2 – 10 hours a week
  • “Productized” Services
  • Set pricing, deliverables, timeframe
  • Take a vacation when you want!
  • Repeatable, scalable system keep business running with you
  • Scalable, sellable, leveraged business

Our 3-step winning sales acceleration formula

01. Attract

We open the floodgates to a surge of predictable & sustainable traffic as the first step in building your fully-automated coaching business. It acts as a “lever” that you can turn on or off.

02. Convert

We combine a predictable traffic source with a proven conversion system that brings you new and qualified customers 24/7 like clockwork.

03. Scale

We continue testing and optimizing every month. A killer combo of sales funnel and ad refining that goes together like butter and bread. No cookie cutter approach.

How we do it

Audience Deep Dive

Step 1: Audience Deep Dive

We’ll do a product deep dive and comprehensive research on your ideal customer audience. It’s critical to understand what problems your product solves and what your customer’s lives will look like after your product has alleviated those problems. You’re not selling your time or consulting… You’re actually selling the promise of how much better, easier, and more exciting your customer’s life will be once your product is in it.

Step 2: Emotionally Irresistible Copy

Forget sleazy, cutthroat selling. We implement emotionally intelligent and non-obtrusive responses that gets into your customer’s head. What you have solves a pertinent problem for your customer, who is also a human being with their own fears, hopes, and dreams. We’ll appeal to the senses as tangibly as possible and ethically position your products and services as the only option that can help them.

Step 3: High-Converting Sales Funnel

We’ll usher your warm leads to in one direction: getting a sale. ​We’ll guide your visitors step-by-step through the entire sales process (so they don’t get confused or LOST, and leave) and point your customer straight to the ONE product or service they need most to help solve their problem. In addition, we’ll follow-up with your visitors, even after they leave your page!

Step 4: Automated Email Marketing

81% of all sales happen on or after the fifth contact. We follow up with leads in a timely manner so that nobody slips through the cracks, nurture potential customers or clients, offer exclusive content that provides value to your most active contacts, send leads personalized emails based on which email list they join… The list goes on.

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“Ocean helped my agency build a sales funnel and generate over 200+ leads within the first month.”

Paolo M.Consultant, SBDigitalAgency

Frequently Asked Questions

As a "done-for-you" team, our service is very personal and 1-on-1. We will communicate with you throughout the process while building your systems and running your Facebook Ads.

We specialize in working with coaches, consultants, and/or those who sell a course, digital product, or online program. More specifically, those that are currently in business and making some sales and are ready to take the next step. We will work with you to help craft and standardize your offer, build systems, and scale it.

We have a 3-person team of funnel builders, copywriters, & Facebook Ad managers who are relentlessly focused on driving better results for you. If something doesn't ever work the way we expect it, we will quickly adjust to ensure a positive ROI.

I can relate - I was once in your shoes! Unfortunately, many people fail at Facebook Ads because they simply don't understand the fundamentals behind direct response marketing. This is why it's so important to find someone that knows exactly what they’re doing and has gotten results before. It can cost you a lot of money if you don’t pick the right advertiser. The platform is constantly evolving with new updates, and a "tactic" will be here one day and gone the next. This is why we have a team member SOLELY dedicated to running and optimizing your ads each day and is always on top of their craft.

Unlike self-proclaimed "marketing gurus" who launch campaigns and cross their fingers and hope for the best, we are very data driven and will know things like how much it costs to acquire a new lead, how much it costs to acquire a new customer, and how long it takes for you to convert a lead into a customer down to a T. We crunch the numbers specifically according to your situation and set realistic KPIs/metrics to make sure we're always within the "green zone" for your campaigns.

No. The reason for this is very simple... we don't want to lower the quality of the results we deliver to clients. Normally clients who request this of us don't fully understand how marketing channels interconnect with each other. The ONLY service we offer is our flagship 90-Day Sales Acceleration Program. In just three short months, we will build your brand, position you as the go-to expert in your niche, and establish your dominance for the long-term.​

A sales funnel is a series of steps that convert strangers on your website into leads, and leads into high value clients and customers. Each step is made up of different marketing assets like landing pages, lead magnets, and email autoresponders. They work really well, which is why some of the best businesses (Airbnb, McDonalds, etc.) use them to grow their business.

Think of your website as a highway with multiple lanes and exits. Now, think of a sales funnel as a one-way road with clear signage. When driving in a new area, we'd much rather prefer the one-way road route to get to our destination, right? This is much like how a potential customer would like to be led through a clear path into becoming your next client!

We will determine which sales funnel method will be right for you on our strategy call. What you're getting is an evergreen, scalable machine that leverages powerful psychological and marketing principles. 

We are expert media buyers. We spend a meticulous amount of time optimizing our own ad accounts, and that principle carries over into our clients' accounts. Optimization is the MOST critical component of digital marketing. My Facebook Ads account managers will be in your account every day checking the numbers, tweaking ad sets, split testing creatives, etc.

This depends on your current revenue and your niche. A good rule of thumb is determining your "breakeven point" which is just the cost of your online course/program. We can give you an ad spend monthly estimate on our strategy call.

That's totally okay! You need Clickfunnels (for landing pages), ActiveCampaign (for email automation), Zapier (for task automation), Teachable (for hosting your courses), and WebinarJam or EverWebinar (for selling your high-ticket offers).

These tools cost less than $1,000 and you could make back much, much more. A word of caution, however: automating your business requires integrating software, coding, writing killer copy, graphics, funnel design, email marketing, and knowing how to piece together all these moving parts!

Ocean helped my agency Silicon Beach Digital Agency build a sales funnel and expand our services. She developed a new landing page focused on lead generation for restaurant businesses and she managed to collect over 200+ leads within the first month. She's a hard worker, very professional and communicative. I would recommend to everyone working with her!

Paolo M.Consultant, SBDigitalAgency

Ocean's coaching consulting helped grow my business at a speed I didn't expect to be possible! Her automation skills saved me endless hours per week when setting up client touch points. Her expertise at creating sales funnels that convert is understated, to say the least. Her designs are easy to follow and the ROI has been great. Ocean's ability to communicate effectively across multiple lead generation platforms has made the transition from knowing beginner info to successfully creating my own agency business.

Collin S.Consultant, Landscape Marketing Crew