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Got a question?
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Frequently Asked Questions

As a "done-for-you" team, our service is very personal and 1-on-1. We will communicate with you throughout the process while building your systems and running your Facebook Ads.

We specialize in working with coaches, consultants, and/or those who sell a course, digital product, or online program. More specifically, those that are currently in business and making some sales and are ready to take the next step. We will work with you to help craft and standardize your offer, build systems, and scale it.

We have a 3-person team of funnel builders, copywriters, & Facebook Ad managers who are relentlessly focused on driving better results for you. If something doesn't ever work the way we expect it, we will quickly adjust to ensure a positive ROI.

I can relate - I was once in your shoes! Unfortunately, many people fail at Facebook Ads because they simply don't understand the fundamentals behind direct response marketing. This is why it's so important to find someone that knows exactly what they’re doing and has gotten results before. It can cost you a lot of money if you don’t pick the right advertiser. The platform is constantly evolving with new updates, and a "tactic" will be here one day and gone the next. This is why we have a team member SOLELY dedicated to running and optimizing your ads each day and is always on top of their craft.

Unlike self-proclaimed "marketing gurus" who launch campaigns and cross their fingers and hope for the best, we are very data driven and will know things like how much it costs to acquire a new lead, how much it costs to acquire a new customer, and how long it takes for you to convert a lead into a customer down to a T. We crunch the numbers specifically according to your situation and set realistic KPIs/metrics to make sure we're always within the "green zone" for your campaigns.

No. The reason for this is very simple... we don't want to lower the quality of the results we deliver to clients. Normally clients who request this of us don't fully understand how marketing channels interconnect with each other. The ONLY service we offer is our flagship 90-Day Sales Acceleration Program. In just three short months, we will build your brand, position you as the go-to expert in your niche, and establish your dominance for the long-term.​

A sales funnel is a series of steps that convert strangers on your website into leads, and leads into high value clients and customers. Each step is made up of different marketing assets like landing pages, lead magnets, and email autoresponders. They work really well, which is why some of the best businesses (Airbnb, McDonalds, etc.) use them to grow their business.

Think of your website as a highway with multiple lanes and exits. Now, think of a sales funnel as a one-way road with clear signage. When driving in a new area, we'd much rather prefer the one-way road route to get to our destination, right? This is much like how a potential customer would like to be led through a clear path into becoming your next client!

We will determine which sales funnel method will be right for you on our strategy call. What you're getting is an evergreen, scalable machine that leverages powerful psychological and marketing principles. 

We are expert media buyers. We spend a meticulous amount of time optimizing our own ad accounts, and that principle carries over into our clients' accounts. Optimization is the MOST critical component of digital marketing. My Facebook Ads account managers will be in your account every day checking the numbers, tweaking ad sets, split testing creatives, etc.

This depends on your current revenue and your niche. A good rule of thumb is determining your "breakeven point" which is just the cost of your online course/program. We can give you an ad spend monthly estimate on our strategy call.

That's totally okay! You need Clickfunnels (for landing pages), ActiveCampaign (for email automation), Zapier (for task automation), Teachable (for hosting your courses), and WebinarJam or EverWebinar (for selling your high-ticket offers).

These tools cost less than $1,000 and you could make back much, much more. A word of caution, however: automating your business requires integrating software, coding, writing killer copy, graphics, funnel design, email marketing, and knowing how to piece together all these moving parts!