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Webinars are the best automated and live marketing method to sell your online courses and coaching services to more people without having to bring yourself to a live event. While it seems a perfect option to get your coaching services the best exposure, many people have to struggle to sell their high-ticket offers using this technique. For instance, selling an online course worth $500 can be super easy with webinars, however, selling the one-on-one coaching services that worth $5,000 a month can turn out to be a hectic job.

EverWebinar is one of the best webinar platforms for coaches. It is an automated service that doesn’t ask you to upload, host, and install anything. Basically, it is the evergreen webinar that users could access anytime they want.

Steps On How Online Coaches Can Sell their High-Ticket Offers Using EverWebinar

1. Customize Your Webinar Funnel

2. Natural Leads to the Next Step

3. A Webinar Builds Trust

Customize Your Webinar Funnel

Evergreen webinars are open to customization. You can change multiple aspects of the webinar funnel and make it according to your requirements. Unlike live events, webinars offer you plenty of time and customization options. You can customize Title, Registration Page Copy, Purchase and Sales Page Copy, Case Studies, and more.

You can switch the titles for the same content and keep the one that gets more conversions and opt-ins. This helps you improve your webinar and sell high-ticket offers to the interested audience. 

Natural Leads to the Next Step

Webinars are the natural leads. That’s the reason why live webinars help grows your audience and get people to purchase your premium offers. For instance, if you have organized a webinar for your high-ticket coaching offer and if the coaching session runs for an hour, then you have enough time to invite your audience to take the next step. 

So, it works as a natural lead. All you have to do is invite people to your webinar and deliver a quality and engaging online coaching class. When people join your webinar and listen to you for an hour, it becomes easier for them to decide whether your program is the best fit for them. If they believe your coaching can bring the transformation in them, then they will not even think twice before taking action. 

This means they will either phone you to get more details about the coaching program or get straight to your landing page and hit the ‘Purchase’ button to buy the course.

A Webinar Builds Trust

Webinars are especially recommended for coaches who have high-ticket and premium offers for their audience. When you conduct an automated or live webinar, you develop the trust factor. What do you think is more impactful for your coaching classes – A live video conversation with your audience or a social media caption that barely helps your prospects to learn about your brand? 

A webinar is better than emails, social media captions, and even sales pages on your eCommerce website. Getting your prospects to watch you live on the webinar will establish trust and brand authority. By the end of the live webinar, they will know how the offer can help transform them.

Ocean Maria

Ocean has been running online businesses since she was 14. Now, she runs an e-commerce brand and a digital agency out of her dorm room. She might know a thing or two about successfully launching and scaling online ventures.

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