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One of the main responsibilities of a coach is to bring a transformation in their clients. Whether you offer business coaching or fitness training classes, your job as a coach is to help people achieve their goals. 

As your business grows and more people subscribe to your online coaching classes, it gets complicated for you to cater to every client’s requirement and provide quality services to every subscriber. Providing one-on-one coaching services is a great method to coach or train your clients. But, if your calendar has filled up with multiple clients, then the only possible way to grow is by embracing online courses.

Create Online Courses for Your Coaching Business with Teachable

Teachable is one of the powerful learning management systems, designed specifically to help coaches launch their online courses. It offers you advanced learning and course development tools to simplify the process. It is a one-stop platform for teachers and coaches that plan on developing a comprehensive course for learners.

The best part about Teachable is its unique and clean user-interface. You can access their course development tools and release your business, fitness, academic, lifestyle, technical, and other courses. It looks quite similar to the online classroom setting, in which, learners get to explore different courses. 

How Online Coaches Can Sell Online Courses Using Teachable: Full Guide

1. Increase Your Prices

2. Sell to a Wider Audience

3. Pre-Sell Your Online Course

Increase Your Prices

When your business grows and you get more and more people signing up for your online coaching class, then it makes sense to raise the prices and earn more revenues. You can do that by launching a complete course online on Teachable. 

Don’t keep the prices too high. Consider your target audience and know their budget and select a pricing strategy accordingly.

Sell to a Wider Audience

Unlike one-on-one coaching classes that can be given to only a limited number of clients, online courses can be sold to multiple people. You can even go global with your course. The options are endless. Just make sure to add some value to your course and make it useful for your audience. 

It must help them achieve their targets. Creating an online course may take a significant amount of time. But, the end result will be worth your hard work and time. It will help you connect to a wider audience without having to adjust your coaching schedule. 

Pre-Sell Your Online Course

You don’t want to spend your precious time in creating a course that nobody wants to purchase. So, it is better to validate and pre-sell your idea before completing the course. The best way to do that is by sharing the first page or a gist of the course. Ask your audience if they would like to purchase the full course.

You will need to get your course in front of the target audience. Let them decide if they are ready to spend on the course. You could also give the price of the course. The main purpose is to confirm that the audience will be willing to invest in the course.

Ocean Maria

Ocean has been running online businesses since she was 14. Now, she runs an e-commerce brand and a digital agency out of her dorm room. She might know a thing or two about successfully launching and scaling online ventures.

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