The Final Round™

The go-to career platform for job seekers to knockout the competition and advance past the final round interview.

The Company

The Final Round™ is the go-to career platform for job seekers to knockout the competition and advance past the final round interview.

The Challenge

Our client was rebranding from the Career Coaching Company to The Final Round™.

They wanted their website to become a content powerhouse and needed to migrate from Wix to WordPress to take advantage of SEO and custom features that a full-fledged CMS (content management system) could provide.

What We Did

  • WordPress Web Design
  • Email Marketing
  • SEO



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The Objective

  • Become the #1 career platform for college students & early career professionals
  • Attract top recruiters & hiring managers for the podcast
  • Acquire more brand sponsorships

Content Powerhouse

Our client has a robust library of videos, articles, and blog posts that’s derived from key decision-makers and experts that they interview on their podcast then convert into different media formats. We needed to make content discovery simple while delivering a consistent user experience.

Easy Maintanence

The migration from Wix to WordPress allows our client to consistently update their website content without our agency’s involvement and ultimately save thousands in recurring developer costs. We also created SOPs and step-by-step instructions so interns (without prior web development experience) could also update the site.

Wix to WordPress

Their old website was built with Wix. Wix was limited in functionality and features that they wanted to add, like a podcast player and embedded job boards page.

We decided to build their new website from scratch using WordPress. WordPress would allow them the SEO benefits and building custom features.

We installed a WordPress custom theme that’s regularly updated by its developers to maintain site security and speed. We also made sure it had a drag-and-drop builder for easy maintenance.

Site Navigation

Our client wasn’t just a podcast. They were a media company. To plan out the website navigation and pages, we first identified their main target audiences and created pages that those audiences could explore.

Target Audiences

  • College students
  • Early-career professionals
  • Partners + sponsors

Website Pages

  • Home
  • About
  • Podcast
  • Videos
  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Success Stories
  • Job Boards
  • Partnerships
  • News
  • Contact

Colors & branding

The website would match the branding of their podcast. These colors were bold and youthful to match their target audience of college students and early career professionals.





Dark Grey


Landing Page

We created a new landing page for the old Career Coaching Company domain, which now links to The Final Round™. Their old domain has a strong domain authority and was ranking for several keywords in the career space.

Podcast Page

Tabs separate podcast episodes according to their respective season for easier navigation. We also created a blog post for each podcast episode to increase SEO. We also implemented a sidebar that had listening links, search bar, and a filter-by-tags feature.

Links Page

We created a links page to be used for the company’s bio for all social media. It features their main initiatives to funnel users into different pages and all their social media links.


Our client’s website now ranks above Spotify when you search for “thefinalround podcast”.

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