A streetwear college apparel and merchandise brand.

The Company

Geistwear is a direct-to-consumer streetwear college apparel and merchandise brand.

The Challenge

We were able to successfully launch Geistwear’s email marketing campaigns and flows with Geistwear and have seen month-over-month increases in performance and revenue since.

What We Did

  • Email Marketing


  • Shopify
  • Klaviyo
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of online sales attributed email marketing


average open rate



Klaviyo Email Marketing

Klaviyo is the gold standard for email marketing for e-commerce stores. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify and has the best email customization and email deliverability on the market. Choosing Klaviyo as Geistwear’s ESP (email service provider) was a no-brainer.


We implemented different flows depending on where visitors and customers were in the buying process, all aimed to turn non-buyers into buyers and existing customers into repeat buyers.

Klaviyo Email Marketing Flows

  • Welcome
  • Abandoned Cart
  • Post-Purchase
  • Site Abandonment
  • Browse Abandonment
  • Win-Back
  • VIP
  • Sunset
  • Ambassador

Pop Up Form

To collect new email subscribers, we created a pop-up form that incentivized website visitors to sign up in exchange for 10% off their first order.

It’s important to tell new subscribers to check their inbox instead of delivering the discount code immediately so you can start “training” them to open your emails for valuable information.

  • 1 for page load on mobile
  • 1 for exit intent on mobile
  • 1 for page load on desktop
  • 1 for on exit intent for desktop

Personifying The “From” Line

If you send your emails from the “brand” and not a real person, you look like every other faceless corporation sending junk email.

Instead, create an “Attractive Character” who is sending the emails.

The founder, owner, CEO, or whoever is your “face of the company” are all good sender options.

(If you’d prefer not to be seen as one of those individuals, a cool and effective alternative is to create a character who can act as a “super fan” of the brand.)

Once you establish that your email messages are coming from another human being that’s just like your ideal customer, they’ll keep coming back to see what’s going on in this character’s life, and how they are solving key problems with the solution your company offers.

For Geistwear, we personalized the From line to “Ocean from Geistwear”.

Advanced Strategies

In their flows, we implemented Klaviyo’s advanced strategies like a conditional split to resend a welcome email to those who hadn’t opened the first email within 24 hours.