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8 April 2020 – Los Angeles, CA – Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan, an accomplished business professional, consultant, and founder of a digital agency, Ocean Maria, has announced the release of a new eBook to help physical storefronts create a strong digital presence for sustained success in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In Physical to Digital: How Restaurants, Gyms, and Spas Can Survive Coronavirus (COVID-19), business professionals across the world are learning how to transform their physical storefronts into online, digital retail spaces without prior experience, fancy or expensive equipment, or advanced social media marketing campaigns and tactics.

Bringing years of experience to business owners during these unprecedented times, Physical to Digital covers important lessons for success in the digital age. With professional insights and guidance, Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan helps readers break free from negative thinking, regain control, develop enticing online offer ideas, and create and promote new digital products. An all-inclusive book, Physical to Digital also provides readers with five instant online offer ideas that will help them begin selling digital products to generate cash flow and sales today.

As the evolving COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges to businesses in the United States, including those from mandatory shutdowns of nonessential businesses in cities like Los Angeles and New York, businesses professionals can gain the knowledge, tools, and skills necessary to find continued success by adapting for the online world in this exciting new book.

In Physical to Digital: How Restaurants, Gyms, and Spas Can Survive Coronavirus, quickly launch digital products and generate cash flow to overcome the most difficult of economic times and build a lasting online platform that generates profits well after the COVID-19 pandemic. The benefits of going digital and optimizing one’s business have never been so plentiful, so do not miss your chance to get started today.

To get your free copy of Physical to Digital: How Restaurants, Gyms, and Spas Can Survive Coronavirus (COVID-19) today, please visit

About The Author

Ocean Ronquillo-Morgan, the founder of Ocean Maria, is a 22-year-old businesswoman and consultant. With over eight years of online business experience, Ocean started a popular e-commerce brand and a digital agency in her college door room. Today, she is helping businesses transition to the online world. With valuable insights and the strategies, Ocean Maria has worked with Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike, including alongside other Gen-Z entrepreneurs who are running six- and seven-figure digital agencies. To learn more, please visit

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Ocean Maria

Ocean has been running online businesses since she was 14. Now, she runs an e-commerce brand and a digital agency out of her dorm room. She might know a thing or two about successfully launching and scaling online ventures.

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