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Sales funnels aren’t a new concept for businesses. However, the term has been gaining immense popularity over the past few years. It can be quite difficult for beginners. But once you have set up the sales funnel for your business, it streamlines your sales operations and multiplies your revenue. Before we discuss the process of setting sales funnel for a business, let’s have a quick look at the meaning of sales funnel and its importance.

What is a Sales Funnel?

In simple words, a sales funnel refers to a quick journey of your prospects on your coaching website. This journey begins with your customers arriving on your website and engaging with your content. The final destination is the product, service, or any paid plan that your prospect purchases. Getting your visitors to turn into your customers is a challenging process. Without a proper sales funnel in place, your customers will have a hard time shopping from your website or online store. It is the sales funnel that takes your customers from the content to the checkout page. And, that’s when they shop from your store and become your loyal client. Sales funnel for coaches and entrepreneurs is important. From publishing engaging and quality content that drives traffic to your website to getting your prospects to become your students, every process is covered in the sales funnel.

3 Easy Steps to Creating A Sales Funnel as a Coach

1. Offer Free Gifts

2. Build Brand Awareness

3. Sell Your Brand

1. Offer Free Gifts

A free gift in exchange for something can be a great way to get your audience to engage with your brand. For instance, you could offer a sample of your product for free coaching service for 1-2 days. In return, the customer has to share their email address with you. This step can help build your email list.

2. Build Brand Awareness

Content is king! You have to keep your audience engaged on your website with quality and informative content. Explain to them the services you offer and your specialties. Mention the Unique Selling Proposition of your brand that makes your product better than your competitors. There is no point in offering promo deals to cold traffic. Do you think people who haven’t heard of your brand or have purchased from your site will like to consider your offer? You need to generate the audience that’s actually interested in your brand. So, one simple strategy to build a loyal audience is – provide EPIC content.

3. Sell Your Brand

Start with an introductory offer that is way too good to be passed. Your new subscribers must find it useful enough to make a purchase. Now that it is an introductory offer, you must keep the price as low as possible. Basically, it is a one-time offer that’s available to all your first-time customers who have shared their email with you. Consider it as another gift to your prospects. However, this is going to be a paid one. Once you satisfy your customers, they will be interested in your core offer.

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